How to Make a Puffy Snowman

Puffy Snowman Craft

This cute Puffy Snowman Craft is so much fun for kids of all ages!  It’s an easy winter craft that enhances fine motor skills and encourages creativity.

I use this activity for kids of all ages because it can be adapted in many ways.

This project addresses visual motor integration skills, visual perception, following directions and problem solving. 

Kids get an opportunity to work on shoulder stability, fine motor coordination and precision, bilateral coordination, and grading of movements. 

Furthermore, this is a fun way to enhance creativity, uniqueness and individuality.

I enjoy watching what young children create!

Most importantly, there are mental health benefits to crafting.   This is especially needed for our kids and adults from the never-ending pressures around us.

It can serve as a therapeutic, mindful, and relaxing brain break!

Supplies You Need for the Puffy Snowman Craft

I’ll explain the supplies needed for this easy craft and I’ll also list them below.  The puffy paint works best on blue or black construction paper or any shade of blue cardstock paper.  I offer additional colors for creativity and individualization!  

Kids can draw circles on the paper for the snowman shape outline (white chalk works well.)  Or, they can cut out three different sized circles to use as a guide when spreading the homemade puffy paint.

The puffy paint is made with Elmer’s white glue and foaming shaving cream.  [Use a sensitive skin brand or an unscented if your kids are sensitive to smells.]  

I usually mix small batches in small plastic containers with lids.  (Then, I can cover the mixture and reuse it later in the day if needed.)  Or it can be placed on a paper plate for quick use.  

A variety of tools can be used to mix the puffy paint and spread it to make the snowman craft. I find that a plastic spoon tends to be the easiest. 

Supplies needed for the Puffy Paint Snowman Craft:

Snowman supplies:

  • Plain paper for the background (construction, oak tag, or cardstock paper)
  • White Elmer’s glue
  • White shaving cream
  • Small old paint brush, spoon, popsicle stick, or Q-tip
  • Chalk OR white paper and scissors (both optional)

Additional decorations for the background and snowman details, as desired:

  • Construction paper scraps
  • ​Googly eyes
  • Small buttons
  • Beads
  • Orange construction paper for carrot nose
  • Pom-poms
  • Pipe cleaners
  • White snowflakes
  • Fabric scraps (for a scarf or top hat)
  • Markers or paper scraps (for the limbs)

How to Make a Puffy Paint Snowman

First, choose the background paper and write your name on the back.  Make or choose decorations for the snowman parts (paper, buttons, etc.) Cut out a top hat, limbs, scarf, carrot nose, etc if desired.

  1. Make a snowman shapeoutline if needed. Either draw circles with white chalk or cut them out of white paper.
    • When drawing circles, it’s easier starting with the large circle at the bottom. Objects or patterns can be used for tracing if needed. 
    • OR: Cut three circles (small, medium, large) and glue onto the background for the snowman outline.  If needed, trace circles onto white paper or use a snowman template before cutting.
    • Older students can make the puffy snowman craft without an outline. 
  2. Mix the puffy paint: 1/2 Elmer’s white glue and 1/2 foaming shaving cream.  You’ll mix equal parts of white glue with equal parts of shaving cream.
  3. Spread a thick layer of the shaving cream puffy paint mixture to build the snowman (or spread it on the outlines.)
  4. Add parts to the face and body to decorate the snowman.
Steps on How to Make a Puffy Paint Snowman

Adding Decorations to the Puffy Paint Snowman

You can keep it very simple when it comes to the decorations for this art project.  Or, you can provide several craft items to encourage more creativity. 

A simple way to decorate would be to use construction paper scraps.

Kids can tear or cut small pieces to add details to the snowman. 

Add desired details such as a hat, eyes, nose, and mouth.  A scarf, arms and buttons can be added to the body.

I’ve had some students add a vest or other clothing and even hair!

Let kids create their own snowman with whatever craft supplies you have available.

For added fine motor strengthening, I have a snowflake paper punch. This also adds another perceptual challenge when gluing the snowflake pieces around the snowman. 

Puffy Paint Snowman Craft

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More Arts & Crafts and Winter Activities for Kids

For toddlers and young preschoolers, the same shaving cream puffy paint mixture can be used to make a melted snowman craft.  Simply have the child spread the mixture at the bottom of a paper and then add the snowman parts.  

For other winter crafts, check out Easy Educational Art Projects for Kids for more fine motor and craft ideas for kids when stuck indoors!  

The skills used for the art projects and crafts support skills needed for school and learning!

And… they have great mental health benefits as well!

The Simple Fine Motor Activity using Construction Paper is a really easy skill building activity… make a snowman or a winter collage!

For a calming craft, check out Fun Glitter Art – An Oral Sensory Craft with Added Sparkle.

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Amy Hathaway MOT, OTR/L, CIMI-2 is a licensed and registered occupational therapist.  She is the founder of Develop Learn Grow. 

Amy has 22 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist.   She enjoys collaborating with teachers, parents, therapists, administrators, and support staff in preschools & schools, as well as coaching and guiding parents of infants and toddlers in their homes.

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